Log In Page

We recommend using Firefox 2.0 and above or Internet Explorer 6.0 and above. Consistent application behavior cannot be guaranteed when using earlier versions of these browsers.

The PolkConnect Log In page accepts a user name and password in order to log into the PolkConnect application.

If you have been given a user name and password and are experiencing a problem with logging into the application please contact Polk support at:
English Help Desk 0044 (0)1727 733800
German Help Desk 0044 (0)1727 733801
French Help Desk 0044 (0)1727 733802
Spanish Help Desk 0044 (0)1727 733803
Italian Help Desk 0044 (0)1727 733804
E-Mail: automotive_support@ihsmarkit.com

Obtaining User Credentials

The Forgot Username and Forgot Password links can provide some help with obtaining a forgotten username or a password.

The Forgot Username page will instruct a user to enter the email address that was registered when the account was created. If the email address is valid, then an email will be sent to the address with a list of the usernames linked to it.

The Forgot Password page will instruct a user to enter the username of the password in which they want to retrieve. Upon successful username validation, the system will prompt the user with a registered security question. If the account has not had all of the required security questions selected, then Polk support will need to be contacted. If all questions had been selected and the correct answer is provided to the given question, a temporary password will be emailed out to the associated email address. The user will be prompted to change the password immediately upon the next login.